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Attendance Office


When a Student is Tardy

When a student is tardy to school for any reason, that student must bring a note from home to present to the teacher. 

When a Student is Absent

When a student has missed a class or classes, that student must take a note from the parent/guardian to the Attendance Office.  The note should have the following information:

  1. Date of Absence
  2. Reason for Absence
  3. First and Last Name, Birthday and Grade of Student
  4. Signature of Parent or Guardian

After three (3) days, each absence that has not been cleared with a note from home will be changed to truant. To avoid truant absences, you MUST turn in a note to clear your absence at the attendance office. 

Early Dismissal

Parents please be advised that students can't be taken out of school after 2:45PM.

If a parent/guardian comes to the Attendance Office with a request for a student to leave early, you must be on the student’s emergency information card and you will be required to produce a valid picture identification card. 

We thank you in advance for your cooperation this school year.  If there are any questions or concerns you may contact the Attendance office at (562) 630-0142.


  Maria Ixta ex: 68272 Attendance Clerk
  Maria Madrigal ex: 68221 Attendance Clerk